$58 41" Barber Shop Pole Rotating LED Light AC110V Hair Red White Bl Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories 41" Barber Shop Pole High material Rotating LED Red Hair AC110V Light Bl White $58 41" Barber Shop Pole Rotating LED Light AC110V Hair Red White Bl Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Rotating,LED,41",AC110V,Light,Shop,Red,felix-nordhausen.de,Hair,Pole,Bl,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,/monoid1929117.html,White,Barber,$58 Rotating,LED,41",AC110V,Light,Shop,Red,felix-nordhausen.de,Hair,Pole,Bl,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,/monoid1929117.html,White,Barber,$58 41" Barber Shop Pole High material Rotating LED Red Hair AC110V Light Bl White


41" Barber Shop Pole Rotating LED Light AC110V Hair Red White Bl


41" Barber Shop Pole Rotating LED Light AC110V Hair Red White Bl

Product Description

Hair Salon Barber Shop Open Sign

Hair Salon Barber Shop Open Sign Rotating Red White Blue Spinning StripsOutdoor Decor

Attractive Design

Classic Style Hair Salon Sign Waterproof 41'' Wall Mount Rotating Light Rotating LED Stripes

  • Hair salon rotating light is the sign of classic barber shop, attractive symbol red white blue romantic rotary light for hair salon spa business, which could attract lots of potential customer and visitors.
  • Rotating light would not cost much energy, but it could provide enough light, and is a beautiful sight in the night. Billing saving and Cost-effective.

Neon Sign Attractive Symbol

High Quality Indoor Outdoor Restaurant Coffee Open Light Classic Style Hair Shop Attractive Lighting
Main Material ABS amp; Painted Iron
Body Color Red amp; Blue amp; White
Size 41"
Dimensions 97 x 22 x 12cm (L x W x H)
Weight 5 kg
Voltage AC110V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Cord Length 1.5m
Motor Speed 50/60 RPM
Plug Type US plug
Package Lists 1 x Rotating Barber Pole Light amp; 1 x Accessories

41" Barber Shop Pole Rotating LED Light AC110V Hair Red White Bl

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