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Console Table Rockjame Sofa with Shel Drawers and 2 Selling Ranking TOP14 Tiers

Console Table, Rockjame Sofa Table with Drawers and 2 Tiers Shel


Console Table, Rockjame Sofa Table with Drawers and 2 Tiers Shel

Product description


The brand philosophy of Rockjame is respect for the natural, elegant and quality. Rockjame has always been devoting itself to delivering the best products of high quality and cost-effectiveness to our customers.

The versatile look and feel of this couch table make it a great addition to your entryway or behind a sofa to provide storage and display space. Two drawers and open lower shelves offer plenty of space to display and store stuff. Delicate hardware and a scalloped apron add elegant touches. It’s multifunctional, stylish and doesn’t take up a ton of room!

-Retro design and slatted shelves
-Solid frame and MDF panels
-Special protection was made inside the package
-Easy assemble

-Product Name: Console Table
-Material: Solid wood frame and legs + MDF panels
-Thickness: Top shelf and bottom shelf: 15mm

-Overall Dimension Table: 45"L x 15"W x 30.7"H
-Package Dimension: 48"L x 18"W x 15"H
-Product Weight: 46 LBS
-Package Weight: 57.3LBS
-Weight Capacity: Top shelf (100 LBS), Bottom shelf (40 LBS), Drawer (18 LBS)

-Manual measurement has been used, there may be some reasonable error.
-All the pictures are taken by actual samples, slight chromatic aberration may occur due to lighting or display.

Console Table, Rockjame Sofa Table with Drawers and 2 Tiers Shel

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