$26 Canine Knee Brace :3.0 mm neoprene support sleeve Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment support,neoprene,sleeve,Brace,$26,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,mm,:3.0,/kyphosis1476671.html,felix-nordhausen.de,Knee,Canine Canine Knee Brace :3.0 Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift mm support neoprene sleeve Canine Knee Brace :3.0 Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift mm support neoprene sleeve $26 Canine Knee Brace :3.0 mm neoprene support sleeve Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment support,neoprene,sleeve,Brace,$26,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,mm,:3.0,/kyphosis1476671.html,felix-nordhausen.de,Knee,Canine

Canine Knee Brace :3.0 Free Shipping Cheap Bargain High order Gift mm support neoprene sleeve

Canine Knee Brace :3.0 mm neoprene support sleeve


Canine Knee Brace :3.0 mm neoprene support sleeve

Product description

The Walkabout knee brace is a 3.0 mm neoprene compression sleeve that is designed to support and stabilize the knee joint. This product offers excellent support for knee joint injuries, luxating patella or severe arthritis due to old age or chronic instability. The knee brace comes with a suspender which can attach to a chest halter. A chest halter is not included with this purchase but it is recommended to be used in combination with the Walkabout Knee brace. Fit is determined by measuring the leg and following the size charts. Try to measure as straight a leg as possible. If the injured side is swollen please measure the uninjured side to get an accurate measurement. The fit is usually determined by evaluating the measurements 1" above the knee. If the other measurements do not fit in that size category please email us your dogs breed, weight and measurements to help choose the best size. Notice: PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY 1" ABOVE THE KNEE FOR THE RIGHT FIT, PLEASE DO NOT SIZE DOWN WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST.

Canine Knee Brace :3.0 mm neoprene support sleeve

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