Fancy Disposable Ivory Cream Dinnerware Set Guest Reservation 2 Siz - 24 Fancy Disposable Ivory Cream Dinnerware Set Guest Reservation 2 Siz - 24 (Cream),-,24,Set,$24,2,Guest,Health Household , Household Supplies,/internodal1929101.html,Disposable,-,Dinnerware,Siz,Fancy,,Ivory $24 Fancy Disposable Ivory (Cream) Dinnerware Set - 24 Guest - 2 Siz Health Household Household Supplies $24 Fancy Disposable Ivory (Cream) Dinnerware Set - 24 Guest - 2 Siz Health Household Household Supplies (Cream),-,24,Set,$24,2,Guest,Health Household , Household Supplies,/internodal1929101.html,Disposable,-,Dinnerware,Siz,Fancy,,Ivory

Fancy Disposable Ivory Cream Dinnerware Set Guest Reservation It is very popular 2 Siz - 24

Fancy Disposable Ivory (Cream) Dinnerware Set - 24 Guest - 2 Siz


Fancy Disposable Ivory (Cream) Dinnerware Set - 24 Guest - 2 Siz

Product description

The following is a detailed list of all the included high quality heavyweight paperware in this party pack:

  • 24 Square 10 inch dinner plates - ivory design on wide edge and solid center
  • 24 Square 7 inch dessert plates - Ivory design on wide edge and solid center
  • 24 Cups with ivory design - 9 oz
  • 40 luncheon napkins with ivorydesign
  • 24 Matte gold heavyweight reusable plastic forks
  • 24 Matte gold heavyweight reusable plastic spoons
  • 24 Matte gold heavyweight reusable plastic knives

Fancy Disposable Ivory (Cream) Dinnerware Set - 24 Guest - 2 Siz

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