$84 Riester 1251-107 Shockproof Handheld Blood Pressure with Adult V Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Shockproof,with,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Riester,felix-nordhausen.de,$84,V,1251-107,/indignantly1929493.html,Pressure,Blood,Handheld,Adult Riester 1251-107 Shockproof Handheld Blood Pressure with V Adult Don't miss the campaign Shockproof,with,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Riester,felix-nordhausen.de,$84,V,1251-107,/indignantly1929493.html,Pressure,Blood,Handheld,Adult $84 Riester 1251-107 Shockproof Handheld Blood Pressure with Adult V Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Riester 1251-107 Shockproof Handheld Blood Pressure with V Adult Don't miss the campaign

Riester 1251-107 Shockproof Handheld Blood Pressure with V Weekly update Adult Don't miss the campaign

Riester 1251-107 Shockproof Handheld Blood Pressure with Adult V


Riester 1251-107 Shockproof Handheld Blood Pressure with Adult V

Product description

Product Description

Handheld BP gauge R1 shock-proof white scale, 1-tube, Adult Velcro cuff latex free, compare to Welch Allyn DS58-11 durashock blood pressure.

Manufacturer Contact Information

(919) 654-6180

Riester 1251-107 Shockproof Handheld Blood Pressure with Adult V

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