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ViraFend Immune Support Supplement In stock Defense Over item handling Multi-Virus Natural

ViraFend Immune Support Supplement, Natural Multi-Virus Defense


ViraFend Immune Support Supplement, Natural Multi-Virus Defense

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ViraFend is an Immune Support Supplement whose active ingredient - Activated Humic Acid - has been demonstrated to be a significant Virus Attachment Inhibitor, in that it works to interfere with a virus's ability to attach to human host cells. If a virus, such as the Cold Sore/Herpes viruses, or Flu viruses (Types A and B), or the Shingles virus (H. zoster), or other viruses including many respiratory viruses, cannot attach to a human host cell, they are unable to insert their genetic material into the host cell, and cannot trick the host cell into acting as an incubator to reproduce the virus. ViraFend Virus Defense Formula is a vegetarian capsule taken as a dietary supplement twice a day (one tablet 2x per day), with or without food. Each bottle of ViraFend contains 60 vegetarian capsules, a one-month's supply. There are no known side effects.

ViraFend Immune Support Supplement, Natural Multi-Virus Defense

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