Crossbody,,Pouch,The,/indecomponible1613922.html,Bags,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Christina,$224,Purses,with,-,Crossbody,Large Crossbody,,Pouch,The,/indecomponible1613922.html,Bags,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Christina,$224,Purses,with,-,Crossbody,Large The Christina Crossbody Purses with Large Pouch Columbus Mall Bags - The Christina Crossbody Purses with Large Pouch Columbus Mall Bags - $224 The Christina Crossbody Purses with Pouch - Large Crossbody Bags Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $224 The Christina Crossbody Purses with Pouch - Large Crossbody Bags Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

The Atlanta Mall Christina Crossbody Purses with Large Pouch Columbus Mall Bags -

The Christina Crossbody Purses with Pouch - Large Crossbody Bags


The Christina Crossbody Purses with Pouch - Large Crossbody Bags

Product Description

Made for the modern woman looking for the highest quality affordable product, Alicia’s handbags are handcrafted locally in Los Angeles, with top-quality, Italian leather and hardware.

“I believe that practicality and quality go hand in hand with a well-handcrafted product. All of my purses are manufactured in Los Angeles so I can personally ensure the highest quality in each and every one of them.”

Explore our handbags, and you will find premium leather goods that create a bold statement. An Alicia Dakteris handbag is a superb essential that expresses your own distinct, personal style.

The Christina Crossbody Purses with Pouch - Large Crossbody Bags

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