Sanding,$21,11",,Sheets,,Ali,Industries,CeraMax,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,x,/gloeosporiose1929433.html,9",Ceramic,4416,180 $21 Ali Industries 4416 CeraMax 9" x 11" Ceramic Sanding Sheets, 180 Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories $21 Ali Industries 4416 CeraMax 9" x 11" Ceramic Sanding Sheets, 180 Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories Ali Industries 4416 CeraMax 9" Wholesale x Sheets Sanding Ceramic 180 11" Sanding,$21,11",,Sheets,,Ali,Industries,CeraMax,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,x,/gloeosporiose1929433.html,9",Ceramic,4416,180 Ali Industries 4416 CeraMax 9" Wholesale x Sheets Sanding Ceramic 180 11"

Ali Industries 4416 Max 82% OFF CeraMax 9

Ali Industries 4416 CeraMax 9" x 11" Ceramic Sanding Sheets, 180


Ali Industries 4416 CeraMax 9" x 11" Ceramic Sanding Sheets, 180

Product description

Size Name:180 Grit

These premium ceramic sanding sheets provide maximum performance and long life. The tough ceramic grain is bonded to a flexible latex paper making it perfect for hand sanding of irregular surfaces. The anti-clog coating reduces the build-up of sanding dust and particles, keeping the grain exposed for increased performance.

Ali Industries 4416 CeraMax 9" x 11" Ceramic Sanding Sheets, 180

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