Ignition,$47,Premium,/gaum1476746.html,Honda,with,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Micro,Acu,Compatible,Pilot,Coil,Pack,felix-nordhausen.de $47 Micro Premium Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Honda Pilot Acu Automotive Replacement Parts Micro Finally popular brand Premium Ignition Coil Pack with Honda Pilot Acu Compatible Micro Finally popular brand Premium Ignition Coil Pack with Honda Pilot Acu Compatible $47 Micro Premium Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Honda Pilot Acu Automotive Replacement Parts Ignition,$47,Premium,/gaum1476746.html,Honda,with,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Micro,Acu,Compatible,Pilot,Coil,Pack,felix-nordhausen.de

Micro Finally Genuine popular brand Premium Ignition Coil Pack with Honda Pilot Acu Compatible

Micro Premium Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Honda Pilot Acu


Micro Premium Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Honda Pilot Acu

Product Description

Compatible with:

  • 2001-2006 ACURA MDX V6 3.5L
  • 2007-2009 ACURA MDX V6 3.7L
  • 2003-2008 HONDA PILOT V6 3.5L
  • 2006-2008 HONDA RIDGELINE V6 3.5L
  • 2004-2007 SATURN VUE V6 3.5

Package Included : Micro Premium High Performance Ignition Coils (set of 6) with Free Permatex Dielectric Tune-Up Grease.

Micro Premium Ignition Coil Pack Compatible with Honda Pilot Acu

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