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IDOLpro IPS-650 800W 10

IDOLpro IPS-650 800W 10"Woofer 3 Way Professional Karaoke Speake


IDOLpro IPS-650 800W 10"Woofer 3 Way Professional Karaoke Speake

Product description

IDOlpro has just hit the market for a new professional speaker line IPS-650. Speakers are designed with horizontal transverse dimension is moderately high and deep. The top speaker is designed with screw holes for more convenient hanging on the ceiling. A sound system for professional karaoke has many components including speakers, amplifiers and microphone and speakers are a key component. IPS – 650 provides both soft and strong for bass, mid-range and pleasant sound unlike other karaoke speakers. The composition of this speaker is quite compatible with most karaoke amplifier on the market. In some case, when the room is too large or open space that need more sub-woofer support or bass filled, IPS-650 speakers will handle the problem nicely.

* Power Rating: 800W Pair @ 8 ohms
* Speaker Setup: 3-Way Speaker System
* Tweeters: 3" x 2
* Woofers: 10" Woofer
* Average Impedance: 8 ohm
* Sensitivity: 93dB
* LF Low- Pass slope :-6 dB/Oct
* HF High-Pass Slope: -12 dB/Oct
* Speaker Connections: 1/4 Banana Plugs / Screw Terminal
* Frequency Response: 35hz~20khz
* Product Weight: 50lbs Pair
*Product Dimension: 20W x 11.5D x 12H inches (each)
* Shipping Weight: 60lbs

Package Includes:
2 x IPS-650 (1 Pair)

IDOLpro IPS-650 800W 10"Woofer 3 Way Professional Karaoke Speake

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