$70 Left Handed Majek Golf Short Senior Men's #5 Hybrid Senior Flex Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Senior,Senior,Handed,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Golf,Left,Short,Men's,felix-nordhausen.de,Majek,Hybrid,$70,Flex,#5,/fluorosis1929303.html OFFicial shop Left Handed Majek Golf Short Hybrid Men's Senior Flex #5 OFFicial shop Left Handed Majek Golf Short Hybrid Men's Senior Flex #5 Senior,Senior,Handed,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Golf,Left,Short,Men's,felix-nordhausen.de,Majek,Hybrid,$70,Flex,#5,/fluorosis1929303.html $70 Left Handed Majek Golf Short Senior Men's #5 Hybrid Senior Flex Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

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Left Handed Majek Golf Short Senior Men's #5 Hybrid Senior Flex


Left Handed Majek Golf Short Senior Men's #5 Hybrid Senior Flex

Product description

Replace Your Entire Difficult To Use Iron Set With The Majek K5 All Hybrid Iron amp; Majekally Improve Your Hybrid-Iron Game!!! Pure Golf Engineering: Majek Hybrid was Co-Engineered by members of an elite engineering group. This unique relationship and pure engineering approach created the Majek All Hybrid Iron. Benefits of the Majek Hybrid: -More Weight Positioned Behind The "Sweet Spot" -Deeper Cavity Back Creates A Tighter Shot Dispersion, Which Increases The Accuracy On Off Center Hits. -Aerodynamic Design Creates A Reduction In Drag, Which Leads To Higher Club Head Speeds -Wide To Thin Crown Design Creates A Lower CG To Promote Higher Launch Angle For More Distance -Lightweight Premium Graphite Shaft Promotes Faster Swing Speed For Greater Distance. -Black Crown And Arrow Markers Make Alignment Easy And Eliminates Glare. Support A Local Company: Your Custom Made Majek Golf Hybrid Is Assembled By Hand In Riverside, CA, USA And Delivered Direct To Your Door.

Left Handed Majek Golf Short Senior Men's #5 Hybrid Senior Flex

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