$25 Lurrose Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser Decorative Essential Oil Diff Health Household Health Care Lurrose Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser Oil Essential Diff Max 55% OFF Decorative Lurrose,Diff,Decorative,Oil,Health Household , Health Care,felix-nordhausen.de,Essential,$25,Diffuser,Mini,/campanulate1929449.html,Aromatherapy $25 Lurrose Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser Decorative Essential Oil Diff Health Household Health Care Lurrose,Diff,Decorative,Oil,Health Household , Health Care,felix-nordhausen.de,Essential,$25,Diffuser,Mini,/campanulate1929449.html,Aromatherapy Lurrose Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser Oil Essential Diff Max 55% OFF Decorative

Lurrose Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser Oil Essential Diff Max 55% OFF Decorative Now free shipping

Lurrose Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser Decorative Essential Oil Diff


Lurrose Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser Decorative Essential Oil Diff

Product description



The item is a practical tire aroma air humidifier, which can help you to relieve mood and fatigue. It breaks up water solution into extremely fine micro-particles, diffused into the air as mist, making air comfortable. A good way to add fragrance and enjoy the high quality life.


- Material: ABS, PP and electronic components.
- Size: About 15.20X15.20X9.50cm/5.97X5.97X3.73inch.
- Water tank capacity: 300ML.
- AC adapter output: DC24V/06A.
- Adapter rated power: ≤14.5W.
- Body power: ≤10W.
- Spray mode: long spray/intermittent spray (spray 30 seconds and stop 10 seconds) / 2H/4H.
- Perfect aroma diffuser in many occasions, such as working desktop, bedroom, pet room, etc.
- Tire shape design, creative and novel look, decorative and convenient.
- Making your living space fresher and more comfortable, very ideal for home use.
- This air diffuser with simple design matches any decor at your home or office perfectly.
- A creative item makes your indoor environment comfortable and pleasant.

Package Including
1 x Aroma humidifier

Lurrose Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser Decorative Essential Oil Diff

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