$630 Split System Heat Pump,12000 BtuH,60 Hz Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Split System Heat Pump BtuH Special price for a limited time 60 12000 Hz $630,BtuH,60,Pump,12000,Hz,/campanulate1614149.html,felix-nordhausen.de,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Heat,Split,System $630,BtuH,60,Pump,12000,Hz,/campanulate1614149.html,felix-nordhausen.de,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Heat,Split,System $630 Split System Heat Pump,12000 BtuH,60 Hz Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Split System Heat Pump BtuH Special price for a limited time 60 12000 Hz

Split System Heat Pump BtuH Special price for a limited time 60 Inexpensive 12000 Hz

Split System Heat Pump,12000 BtuH,60 Hz


Split System Heat Pump,12000 BtuH,60 Hz

Product description

This bundle includes both an indoor and outdoor unit with precision inverter technology with a variable speed compressor, providing greater efficiency at a lower operating costs at 15.5 EER. The Air Handler is maximally effective with an average coverage area of 350-450 square feet. Unit is programmable with smart scheduling, can set up weekly schedules to run and turn itself off, and includes a 24 hour ON/OFF timer, an Auto Restart Feature, as well as a remote control.

Bundle Includes:

  • Friedrich J Series 12,000 BTU HI SEER Wall Mounted AC/Heat Pump (Indoor Unit)
  • Friedrich J Series 12,000 BTU 25.0 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Condenser (Outdoor Unit)

Split System Heat Pump,12000 BtuH,60 Hz

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