Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Selling and selling Waterpr Portable Professional Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Selling and selling Waterpr Portable Professional Waterpr,Professional,Underwater,Portable,Olymbros,Camera,/campanulate1476349.html,$42,felix-nordhausen.de,Fishing,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics Waterpr,Professional,Underwater,Portable,Olymbros,Camera,/campanulate1476349.html,$42,felix-nordhausen.de,Fishing,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics $42 Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Portable Professional Waterpr Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics $42 Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Portable Professional Waterpr Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics

Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Selling and Ranking integrated 1st place selling Waterpr Portable Professional

Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Portable Professional Waterpr


Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Portable Professional Waterpr

Product description


Olymbros,known as a registered brand owned by Outwards LLC is a new and energetic desired brand in North America.

Olymbros D1 Underwater Fishing Camera
1.Olymbros D1 underwater fishing camera is a video camera taking 1280x720 HD videos for your ultimate fishing adventures. Catch all the action while catching the fish. You can bring the fun and excitement home to share with your family and friends.
2.Two O-rings inside the camera guarantee its waterproofing abilities down to 65 feet. You can fish from the bank of a river, at the pier or even from a boat, with it tied directly to your baits or lures.
3.The maximum micro SD card for this camera is 32 GB. All the videos will be taken in 3 minute segments continuously, up to 4 hours. You will not miss any of your exciting moments while fishing.
4.The charging time for this camera is 3 hours, with the USB cord. The built-in recharge

Package Contents
1 - Underwater fishing camera
1 - USB cable
1 - Instruction manual
2 - Waterproof rings

Devise Specifications
Lens F=2.2, f=4.4mm 5P+1R
Video Resolution HD 1280*720 Video
Format AVI Cycle Recording (3 mins)
Storage Support TF card SD/MMC Max.32GB
Video Recording Time Up to 4+ hours (under ideal conditions )
Battery 1360MA Polymer
Batteries Charging Time 4 Hours
Waterproof Up to 65 Feet
USB Port USB 2.0
RTC Clock Support
Windows System Support Windows XP/WIN7

Olymbros Fishing Camera Underwater Portable Professional Waterpr

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