$147 POWERSTONE RGB Gaming Chair with Footrest - Ergonomic High Back Home Kitchen Furniture Chair,Gaming,RGB,-,/brokenness1929234.html,Back,with,Footrest,Ergonomic,POWERSTONE,felix-nordhausen.de,$147,Home Kitchen , Furniture,High $147 POWERSTONE RGB Gaming Chair with Footrest - Ergonomic High Back Home Kitchen Furniture Chair,Gaming,RGB,-,/brokenness1929234.html,Back,with,Footrest,Ergonomic,POWERSTONE,felix-nordhausen.de,$147,Home Kitchen , Furniture,High POWERSTONE RGB Gaming It is very popular Chair with High Footrest Ergonomic - Back POWERSTONE RGB Gaming It is very popular Chair with High Footrest Ergonomic - Back

POWERSTONE RGB Gaming It is very popular Chair with High Ranking TOP17 Footrest Ergonomic - Back

POWERSTONE RGB Gaming Chair with Footrest - Ergonomic High Back


POWERSTONE RGB Gaming Chair with Footrest - Ergonomic High Back

Product Description

gaming chair with led light
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Color: Blue/Red/White;
Material: PU + iron + sponge;
Seat height: 18.5"-22.5";
Armrest height: 11"-14";
Wheel diameter: 2.5";
Weight capacity: 330 lbs;
Backrest size: 22" x 33" (W x H);
Seat size: : 21" x 19" (W x D);
Overall dimension: 27.5" x 29" x 49.5"-53.5" (L x W x H);
Adjustable angle of backrest: 90°-155°.

POWERSTONE RGB Gaming Chair with Footrest - Ergonomic High Back

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