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Organic Botanicals Reservation Pure Calendula Salve Popular popular for D Rash Diaper Use

Organic Botanicals Pure Calendula Salve | Use for Diaper Rash, D


Organic Botanicals Pure Calendula Salve | Use for Diaper Rash, D

Product description

Size:8 Ounce

Fresh and Locally Grown Ingredients:

Tired of trying to find the right product for your dry, itchy, and sensitive skin? Help relieve your skin irritations with our Pure Calendula Salve, a gentle and basic go-to ingredient for dry skin and irritation. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is high in antioxidants and well known for its wound healing properties, making it the perfect ingredient to help repair and moisturize damaged skin.

Abundant Benefits Packed in a Single Jar:

Only the freshest, most vibrant and fragrant, beautifully dried Calendula flowers grown in the Pacific Northwest are used in this infused salve. Placed into Certified Organic Golden Jojoba amp; Sunflower oil, our flowers are left to infuse for a minimum of one month, up to three months, before pressing. It's a great ingredient to help relieve baby's diaper rash, skin irritations, eczema, or other skin issues.

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Organic Botanicals Pure Calendula Salve | Use for Diaper Rash, D

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