Dress,Neck,Roman,Floral,Women,Originals,felix-nordhausen.de,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/brokenness1476534.html,Cowl,Ladies,$34 $34 Roman Originals Women Floral Cowl Neck Dress Ladies Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Roman Originals Women Floral Cowl Neck Ladies Dress Max 41% OFF Dress,Neck,Roman,Floral,Women,Originals,felix-nordhausen.de,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/brokenness1476534.html,Cowl,Ladies,$34 $34 Roman Originals Women Floral Cowl Neck Dress Ladies Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Roman Originals Women Floral Cowl Neck Ladies Dress Max 41% OFF

Roman Originals Women Floral Cowl Neck Ladies 67% OFF of fixed price Dress Max 41% OFF

Roman Originals Women Floral Cowl Neck Dress Ladies


Roman Originals Women Floral Cowl Neck Dress Ladies

Product description

Roman Originals Womens Floral Leaf Abstract Print Cowl Neck Dress - Ladies Everday Casual Patterned Flower Print 3/4 Sleeves Office Work Party Occasion Midi Dresses

This stretch jersey dress is the perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe. Featuring a cowl neck, button waist detail and all over floral print in hues of blue, this dress is comfortable and easy to wear. Dress it up for office wear by adding tights and smart heels or dress it down by adding boots and a over sized coatigan.

Available In: Navy 2


Size 6: Bust 90.5 CM;Waist 71 CM;Hips 96 CM;
Size 8: Bust 95.5 CM;Waist 76 CM;Hips 101 CM;
Size 10: Bust 100.5 CM;Waist 81 CM;Hips 106 CM;
Size 12: Bust 105.5 CM;Waist 86 CM;Hips 111 CM;
Size 14: Bust 111.5 CM;Waist 92 CM;Hips 117 CM;
Size 16: Bust 117.5 CM;Waist 98 CM;Hips 123 CM;
Size 18: Bust 123.5 CM;Waist 105.75 CM;Hips 130.5 CM;


BUST: measure around the fullest part of your bust
WAIST: measure 42cm down from the nape of the neck
HIP: measure 20cm down from the waistline
INSIDE LEG: measure from top of your inside leg to the floor, match this measure with the leg length options available and remember to add on 3cms if you wish to wear heels

Roman Originals Women Floral Cowl Neck Dress Ladies

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