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10k Yellow Gold Bar Tube Tassel Popular brand Hook Earrings Sales for sale 2.8 Chain Dangle

10k Yellow Gold Bar Tube Tassel Chain Dangle Hook Earrings (2.8


10k Yellow Gold Bar Tube Tassel Chain Dangle Hook Earrings (2.8

Product description

Modern, chic, stylish gold jewelry for women that is exquisitely crafted of real 10k yellow gold and offers a brilliant shine. This women's gold jewelry showcases an dangle hook earring style that features a chain tassel design flawlessly sway as you move. These 10 karat gold earrings are exquisitely made in Italy of high quality materials. Definitely a statement piece by itself, this pair of 10k gold dangle earrings will add shine and glamour to any attire and it will also match other women's gold jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelet and bangles.

10k Yellow Gold Bar Tube Tassel Chain Dangle Hook Earrings (2.8

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