$94 Winsome Stafford Console Table, Oyster Gray Home Kitchen Furniture Winsome Stafford Console Gray Table trust Oyster /archrogue1614319.html,Gray,Stafford,Console,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Table,,Oyster,$94,Winsome,felix-nordhausen.de /archrogue1614319.html,Gray,Stafford,Console,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Table,,Oyster,$94,Winsome,felix-nordhausen.de Winsome Stafford Console Gray Table trust Oyster $94 Winsome Stafford Console Table, Oyster Gray Home Kitchen Furniture

Winsome Stafford Console Gray Table Now on sale trust Oyster

Winsome Stafford Console Table, Oyster Gray


Winsome Stafford Console Table, Oyster Gray

Product description

With clean lines and a contemporary Oyster Gray finish, the Stafford Console Table is elegant in its simplicity. As an entryway table, it will welcome you home as a place to keep your keys and briefcase. Or use it in the dining room or living room to show off a lamp, favorite plant, or photos. The console's open shelf and unit-wide drawer offer a wealth of storage options. The mission-style side panels combined with the console's straightforward, contemporary design allow for a seamless blend with any decor. Two beveled silver-finish drawer pulls provide the perfect accent. Solid Wood construction for long-lasting integrity. Overall dimensions: 40"W x 17. 8"D x 29. 9"H Shelf dimensions: 34. 5"W x 15. 9"D Inside drawer dimensions: 24. 6"W x 12"D x 2. 6"H Clearance from lower shelf to underneath drawer apron: 12. 9"H Clearance from floor to underneath lower shelf: 10. 6"H Distance between legs: 34. 5"W (front), 12. 4"W (side) Assembly required Ships in 1 box

Winsome Stafford Console Table, Oyster Gray

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