Glass,/Athabascan1929531.html,x,Black,,Glass,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Shelf,,6,$28,Spancraft,Cardinal,12, Spancraft Glass Cardinal Shelf x shipfree 6 12 Black $28 Spancraft Glass Cardinal Glass Shelf, Black, 6 x 12 Tools Home Improvement Hardware Spancraft Glass Cardinal Shelf x shipfree 6 12 Black Glass,/Athabascan1929531.html,x,Black,,Glass,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Shelf,,6,$28,Spancraft,Cardinal,12, $28 Spancraft Glass Cardinal Glass Shelf, Black, 6 x 12 Tools Home Improvement Hardware

Spancraft Glass Cardinal Shelf Popular x shipfree 6 12 Black

Spancraft Glass Cardinal Glass Shelf, Black, 6 x 12


Spancraft Glass Cardinal Glass Shelf, Black, 6 x 12

Product description

Size:6" x 12"

Purchasing glass shelves has never been easier. First pick your size, and then pick the finish for the bracket. Besides being the perfect clutter free look, installation of this glass shelf is simple. No longer hassle with intricate installations involving cutting into the wall or caulking. Simply attach the bracket to the wall then insert the glass shelf. Floating glass shelves are a great way to decorate any wall. Glass shelves are the perfect solution for storage of all kinds. Floating glass shelves will give your room a fresh clean look. They are great with any décor simply because they are glass. Glass shelves can be arranged in different configurations. They can be grouped together or used alone. With glass shelves the design possibilities are endless.

Spancraft Glass Cardinal Glass Shelf, Black, 6 x 12

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Read The Center for Workplace Mental Health's new guide for practical tips on leading and supporting the workforce transitioning back to the workplace.

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Honoring Chester Pierce with a New Human Rights Award

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