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Intelligent Electric Sales Eye Massager Compress Max 64% OFF Vibration Therap Hot

Intelligent Electric Eye Massager, Hot Compress Vibration Therap


Intelligent Electric Eye Massager, Hot Compress Vibration Therap

Product description


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Eye Massager
Material: Plastic
Optional Color: Blue, Gray, Pink
Rated Power: 3.4w
Rated Voltage: DC-5V
Power Charger: AC100-240V
Heating Temperature: 36-42℃
Scope of Application: Suitable for eyes

4 Smart Modes:
Automatic mode: hot compress + vibration + music
Vitality mode: vibration + music
Eye beauty mode: hot compress + music
Sleep mode: hot compress
Product Cleaning, Storage and Maintenance:
1. Product cleaning and maintenance
If the product is dirty, please wipe it with a dry soft cloth.
If the product is particularly dirty, you can wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in ethanol.
2. Keep
Store in a dry, ventilated and clean place.
Please keep it out of children's reaches.
Do not disassemble the host and remote control privately, it may cause accidents and malfunctions.

Safety Precautions:
1. If you wear contact lenses, please remove the contact lenses before using this product.
2. When the eye patch has dirty spots or foreign objects, please wipe it with a damp cloth before using it to prevent it from getting into your eyes.
3. During the charging process, the product does not support power-on work (when charging under working conditions, the product starts the self-protection program and automatically stops working).
4. Do not use the eye massager while walking or driving outdoors.
5. Do not use the eye massager in hot and humid places.
6. This product has a heating function. People who are not sensitive to heat must pay attention to it.

Package List:
1 x Eye Massager
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Eye Chart

Intelligent Electric Eye Massager, Hot Compress Vibration Therap

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